The Birth of the Organization

Everything has a beginning. So has Malawi Godparents Organization. In the year 2007, April 14, Anja celebrated her 60th birthday and decided to have her presents or gifts in money (cash) form which she planned to use for charity. Well before this, she happened to come across and got to know John Nandilimbe, a Malawian who resides in Finland. It was through him that she acquainted   herself with pressing problems facing Malawi, including AIDS. A good sum of money had been collected that night and Anja packed her bags and, under the guidance of John, left for Malawi. Anja found that the country is facing uncountable problems and it was difficult to know what to do and where to start from. It just happened that, as she was trotting around the village, -  Nandilimbe Village – where she was camping, one evening, a couple of women from the village or those nearby, approached her with a request for a maize mill, as women from this and surrounding villages had to cover 30 Km one way on foot with heavy bags of maize on their heads and babies on their backs to the nearest maize mill and back next day with flour. She carefully counted her money and discovered that she had enough to provide the village with a mill.

The mill alone does not solve all problems. On her return home (Finland), Anja had a list of names  of orphaned children of AIDS victims to her relatives and friends who were willing to be godparents. This created a lot of work for her as the help from these godparents had to go through her personal Bank Account. In Spring  2008, it was decided that an organization be established.

Malawi Godparent Organization was registered on 01.08.2008

 Membership of the organization and the operation of god-parenthood has had tens of members already from the start. It has been decided to keep in mind: “help people to help themselves” highlighted.




Uusimaa 17.7.08

Strategy 2009 in finnish
Toimintasuunnitelma 2009


The purpose of the organization:

·        to advocate moral rectitude and integrity in the area of Malawi

·        promote gender equality

·         increase prosperity

·         advance potential for better living conditions

·         advocate for human rights and democracy

·        and promote ecological awareness.

 God-parents activities are mostly focussed on local areas with the aim of improving living standards of the children affected. This includes god-parenthood of an individual child as well as a broader based support for living and educational development.

51 individual god-parents  are registered as of today.